Rooster Park: A Seattle Software Development & Recruiting Consultancy

Building your business is our business.

Staffing with Rooster Park

Rooster Park provides both contract and full-time engineering professionals for some of Puget Sound's top product development companies. We focus on high value, hard-to-find candidates, and build great teams for our partners for both onsite and offsite work. We're not a body shop: if you need 10 low-cost manual testers tomorrow, there are better shops than ours. If you need solid, experienced engineering talent, with virtually no fuss, we're the firm for you.

Our Secret Sauce

We're obsessively focused on carefully selecting and vetting our candidates and contract staff, so that our clients aren't overwhelmed with a pile of resumes with the appropriate buzzwords. Approximately 50% of our candidates come directly from our network or have worked with us before: for those who don't, we spend an average of four hours evaluating the candidate's skill set before sending them your way.

When we do send them to you, we provide a detailed, real bio, not just a buzzword checklist. We send many fewer candidates, but the ones we do send meet your requirements: in the first quarter of 2012, we had a 3:2 candidate interview:offer ratio.

We also very deliberately keep a low position-to-recruiter ratio, so that you can know that someone has your position on the brain - it's not in a huge, undifferentiated pile.


We provide software, electrical, and mechanical engineers, IT professionals (systems administration, desktop support), program/project managers, QA professionals, and designers to many of the best companies in the region. Our team, 40 people as of May 2012, is talented and customer-ready, and many come to us after full-time positions at companies large (Amazon, Microsoft), mid-sized (Marchex, Medio, WhitePages), and small (a wide range of startups).

Many of our engineers have worked on multiple projects for a range of clients. Some of our engineers (sadly for us!) end up joining our partner companies as full-time employees.


Our full-time practice focuses on working with fast-growing teams - new arrivals to Seattle, profitable companies investing in growing their team, and recently-funded startups run by experienced entrepreneurs. We generally work as the exclusive third-party provider to our partners, and we say no if we don't believe we're going to do amazing work.

Some Notable Clients