Rooster Park: A Seattle Software Development & Staffing Consultancy

Great people, great jobs, no drama.

We're always hiring, either for consultants on our own staff, or for full-time employees for some of our best clients.

Why Rooster Park?: We're committed to building the strongest, most interesting consulting team in Puget Sound, seeking out interesting and challenging projects, and surrounding you with technically talented and drama-free coworkers. We have great clients who want to give us more work than we can handle, and a 100% redeployment rate within a month after project completion. Open to either employees (with a great benefits package) or independent contractors. Many of our projects allow telecommuting, either from Seattle or outside: we have engineers in New York, Georgia, and Oregon.

Some of the jobs below are with Rooster Park, but we don't always list our jobs here.
If you're a Rails or PHP Developer, we almost certainly need you:

Why Our Clients? The nice part about running a boutique shop is we get to pick and choose who we work with: we don't have crazy quotas pushing us to pick up every low-quality job we can find. We recruit for a range of talent - mostly senior engineers, but not always - but there are common threads: we work with companies that we believe in, with interesting technical and business problems to solve and a commitment to treating their professionals with respect. We can tell the story of these clients, and we believe what we're saying.