Happy (Weeks after the) Holidays

Rooster Park celebrated the end of a very-successful 2012 with a few fun items.

First, here’s our holiday card, designed by  root beer float – we sent (and personally signed) ~200 of them to our current and previous consultants, clients, and FORPs (Friends of Rooster Park).

Rooster park holiday 2012

Rooster park holiday 2012 2

Second, we sent out about 175 Rooster Park-branded Kleen Kanteen Insulated Mugs (with both tops!) to a similar group. They’re a huge hit: we’ve sent out a few extras and will need to reorder more. Highly recommended.

Lastly – and most importantly! – we had our annual post-holiday party two weeks ago. We took over Hotel Andra‘s ballroom and Tom Douglas’s minions provided a mix from various restaurants – including, importantly, the Dahlia Lounge donuts.

We also had a photo booth, which after a few drinks, ended up being a huge hit. Here are some of the hundreds of photos – thanks to everyone who made it!

IMG 0014IMG 0032

IMG 0035IMG 0044

IMG 0057IMG 0066

IMG 0082IMG 0086

IMG 0097IMG 0105

IMG 0131IMG 0137

IMG 0143IMG 0160

IMG 0169IMG 0171

IMG 0174IMG 0110

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