Happy Demo Day!

Today is the Seattle TechStars Demo Day. As part of our commitment to invest in Seattle startups, I’m attending the first portion: because we heart the Seattle tech community, Rooster Park is a sponsor of the demo day afterparty (as are a handful of our favorite clients). Come say hello and get one of our new business cards from one of us (or collect the whole set).

Look forward to seeing you there!

Investing in 500 Startups. Boom!

I met Dave McClure at Gnomedex 2007, where we argued over the future prospects for Spock, had sushi at Shiro’s (and saw Juliet from Lost), and otherwise enjoyed ourselves. (That’s also where I learned Dave Schappell knew everybody, and met probably ten other entrepreneurs in Seattle who I still talk with semi-regularly – no single conference has ever had so great an impact on my career.)

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Our commitment to investing in startups

Our success is inextricably tied to the success of the technology community, and in particular to the opportunities being created by new startups. While a slim majority of our revenue comes from Fortune 500 companies, those companies invest and acquire startups for talent or technology, are part of a healthy ecosystem, and individuals from those companies occasionally ask our thoughts on the people or potential making up those startups. Much of our revenue does come from small and medium-sized companies, and we’re well aware of their careful need to manage their spend on a weekly and monthly basis. We also spend a fair amount of time either supporting entrepreneurial events or just providing free advice on recruiting (both for employers and employees).

That stuff’s all good, but I wanted us to do something more directly beneficial to the community, so we have a new plan. Starting with 2011’s results, we’ll be investing at least 10% of our net income in technology startups. That is, >=10% of our income that we make in a year will be invested either directly in individual startups (as angel investments) or in angel or venture funds. We’ve already committed the 2011 investment: I’ll write about that in the next few days.

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